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2004 - General

2 November, 2004
A special day was dedicated to “family tourism” on occasion of International Tourism Day 2004. Visitors were not only able to work with clay but also take part in a musical installation. Read more
29 October, 2004 - 30 October, 2004
On October 30, 2004 a round table entitled "The restoration and preservation of pottery applied to architecture" was organised as part of the 9 th Annual Ceramology Association Congress held in the Robert Brillas Cultural Centre, Espulgues de Llobregat, based on the theme "Tradition and modernity. Pottery in Modernism". Read more
1 July, 2004 - 31 December, 2004
Clay testing from the Lanciego brick works
Clay tests have been conducted to complete information about the Lanciego brick works in Alava-La Rioja. The dig is being conducted by a team under archaeologist Victorino Palacios Mendoza. Read more
1 February, 2004 - 28 February, 2004
Knowledge of production techniques is essential in order to appropriately interpret the pottery remains found on a site. In the workshop of the Ollerías Museum we help archaeological analysts by conducting clay tests and using different procedures to interpret markings, faults and finishes related to pottery remains. In October and December, the Museum collaborated with the team of archaeologists of the Cathedral of Santa María in Vitoria-Gasteiz, under the leadership of doctor Agustín Azkarate. Read more