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9th Congress of the Ceramology Association

29 October, 2004 - 30 October, 2004

On October 30, 2004 a round table entitled "The restoration and preservation of pottery applied to architecture" was organised as part of the 9 th Annual Ceramology Association Congress held in the Robert Brillas Cultural Centre, Espulgues de Llobregat, based on the theme "Tradition and modernity. Pottery in Modernism". Mr Jaume Coll, chairman of the Association and manager of the "González Martí" National Pottery Museum in Valencia, was the moderator. The round table participants were Mr Antoni Cumella, industrial potter, Mr Antoni González, head of the Local Architectural Heritage Department of the Diputación de Barcelona, Mr Nuno Santos Viñero, chairman of the UNESCO Forum in Portugal and Ms Neus Zapata, a restoration expert with the ACRA company.